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Bowral Team wins State Salon of the Year 2015

It was a great team effort for Ella Bache Bowral to win State Salon of the Year at the recent Ella Bache Awards held at St Peters in Sydney. Kylee Raffety (Curtin) was also a finalist for State Manager of the Year, a great achievement!

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The heart and soul of Ella Baché lies with our Beauty Therapists and business professionals.

Initiated in 1990, the annual Ella Awards has reached a milestone within the industry and this year celebrates 25 years. It is the focal point of Ella Baché’s annual calendar and recognises and rewards excellence in all aspects of Beauty Therapy and small business across the company.

The Awards recognise visionary capabilities and are a representation of the Ella Baché brand. The Awards are a benchmark within the industry for professional integrity.

To mark the success of another year of Ella Baché, the annual ELLA awards were held on August 22 at ‘Fairground Follies with a ‘Cirque Noir theme. Ella Baché Salon Owners, Distributors and David Jones Counter Managers gather from all over the country for the event. The Awards were presented by CEO Pippa Hallas, Director Sales & Marketing Michael Knox and special guest and MC for the evening Corinne Grant.

To win an award, Ella Baché Therapists must demonstrate commitment, passion and expertise. They must exemplify the spirit of customer service and professionalism whilst being exceptional Ella Baché ambassadors. The major winners of the evening win a trip overseas and are recognised in front of their peers for an exceptional 12 months of service.

Merilyn and Ian Knight and their team of Beauty Therapists at Ella Baché Bowral are devoted to providing their customers with exceptional service, so much so that they were recently awarded the NSW State Salon of the Year Award which recognises outstanding performance and commitment to the Ella Baché brand.

“We are extremely honoured to be receiving the Ella Baché award for State Salon of the Year for NSW. The team are earnestly grateful for the recognition for the hard work and commitment for 2015.

To work with a wonderful brand and a team of highly professional leaders at head office makes our work and journey with Ella Baché a very rewarding experience.” Merilyn says.

For interviews or media queries, contact Merilyn Knight or Ella Baché Bowral on (02) 4861 1922.