Ella Baché Bowral

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Our Therapists


Kerrie Barlow

Kerrie is our wonderful Manager and Receptionist who has a flair for making our clients feel welcome and comfortable in preparation for their treatment. She also has an extensive knowledge of the Ella Bache skincare range.

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Kylee Raffety

Do you want a beauty therapist who listens before she treats your skin? If so, it’s time to meet Kylee. She offers her clients a wealth of knowledge and experience with the Ella Bache brand. Facials are Kylee's forte where clients experience the ultimate journey of relaxation! Kylee was awarded State Therapist of the month in December 2012 and has recently become our Salon Manager. At the 2013 Ella Awards she was awarded NSW/ACT State Therapist of the Year.

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Linda Willis

Linda is a full-time Beauty Therapist and joined the salon in December 2005. Linda’s clients love her professionalism and proficiency in her treatments. She is an excellent therapist with a very loyal client base. Linda was awarded State Therapist of the month in April 2010 and again in February 2011. At the National Ella Bache Awards in 2011 she was a State Finalist for Therapist of the year. Linda recently celebrated 10 years with our salon - a true gem and a wonderful achievement!

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Louise Johnson

Louise is back with us after a 3 year stint travelling and working in beauty therapy salons. She performs a fabulous facial treatment and has a flair for massage. We are very happy to have her in the salon again as are her previous clients!

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Petrina Jones

Petrina is highly qualified and is the newest member of our team. She comes to us with a wealth of experience having owned her own business in Avalon for 11 years. She has a passion for her work and is a warm, friendly person who will make you feel at ease.

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